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Car rental features

We provide you with the car with the best features


Sending a luxurious and completely ceremonial car in black color only


Observance of all

ceremonial and health topics by the driver


Drivers who are in charge of formalities and knowledgeable in English


Send a backup vehicle as

soon as possible if


خودرو تشریفاتی
about us

about us

Sincerely, it brings to mind the collection of ceremonies of Kamil Iranians with several years of experience in past governments and activities in the field of supplying and equipping ceremonial and luxury cars with a brilliant resume of cooperation with ministries, embassies, domestic and foreign companies and Such government organizations, the resume of cooperation with the presidential institution and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, as well as the international meetings of other organizations, are attached to your presence.

It should be mentioned that this company with limited liability and high capital is registered and has a national identity card, activity license, economic code, official newspaper and current account in the name of the company. Visit the year of this company in the item of appreciation on this website www.tashrifat-komeil.com.



Your satisfaction is our greatest asset.